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Safety Information
• Tree Rope Climbing is a rugged outdoor experience. Dress appropriately. For more specific information please see our Participant Requirements page.
• Sunscreen should be applied before arriving at the tour site.
• Drink lots of water prior to your tour. We will also provide water during your tour.
• No tobacco, alcohol or chewing gum will be permitted. Absolutely No Smoking!!
• No running or horseplay will be permitted during the tour.
• Climbers may not have anything attached to belts or belt loops.
• Climbers may not bring cell phones, pagers, iPods, MP3 Players, or other easily-lost valuables on their tour. We provide secure lockers at our departure center.
• Climbers must always follow tour guides’ instructions.
• No climbing without rope protection. Every climber must be tied in at all times.
• Guides are the only ones allowed to adjust harnesses, ropes or other equipment.
• No climbing above where the rope is tied to the tree (anchor point).
• Climbers are never to touch the ropes of other climbers.
• Swinging on ropes is only permitted with the instructor’s approval.
• No fast descents. Excessive speed will damage the tree, burn the rope and possibly result in injury.
• All climbers must wear provided safety helmets at all times.
• All climbers must stay on trails. This is not only a safety issue for climbers and guides, but also for surrounding wildlife.
• Any climber who uses an inhalant for asthma or an Epipen for insect stings must alert a Guide and bring it with them into the tree in a line mug.
• All climbers must wear seat belts in vans and Pinzgauers.
• Climbers must use only equipment provided by Action Tree Rope Climbing Tours.
• Have fun!

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